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Mommy’s Dragon

Piret Jaaks

  • Illustrator: Marju Tammik
  • Language: Estonian
  • Päike ja Pilv
  • 2019, 32 pp
  • ISBN: 9789949737635
  • fiction, picturebook
  • Age: 3+
Rights sold: Spanish, Croatian, Slovenian

A dragon lives inside my Mommy. Sometimes, it breathes fire – like when I drip jam on the floor or spill a mug of hot cocoa in bed or cut a hole in Mommy’s ball gown. The dragon doesn’t like it when I have those accidents, so it comes and roars. I reckon it’s all my fault. Mommy doesn’t believe I’m able to call out her dragon, because only she knows the magic words to do so. She’d actually like to forget them, because she’s very tired of that dragon. Still, I think it’s great to have your very own dragon!


Translated by Adam Cullen
2020 The White Ravens
2019 Good Children's Book