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NEW Books

The Crocodile’s Tail
By Tiiu Kitsik
Koolibri 2019, 32 pp
ISBN 9789985042632
Age: 3+

The Holey Day

Karl Joonas wakes up and finds a hole in his favorite sock. Little does he know that an exceptionally holey day has just dawned. On their way to Grandma’s house, their car hits a pothole, they find a rusted hole in the metal, his father has to find a gap in his calendar to take the car in for repairs, and he finds out his uncle loves donut holes more than anything.

Karl Joonas never realized that a day could hold so many holes!
Written by Ülo Pikkov
Illustrated by Anne Pikkov
Päike ja Pilv 2019, 40 pp
ISBN 9789949728596
Age: 5+

Saskia Looks for Colors

Saskia the elephant girl is sad. She doesn’t know her colors yet. When the elephant family stops by a river to rest after a long journey, Saskia decides to do something about it.

She sets off on an exciting adventure to find colors and get to know them better. What color is a lion? Is it yellow, or is it the color of the sun? Is a parrot blue or a shade of the sky? What about a zebra, a giraffe, or a leopard? Do you know what colors they are?
The Animals Went to Town
By Kertu Sillaste
Hea Lugu 2019, 32 pp
ISBN 9789949673414
Age: 5+

The Pärt Series

Pärt is a clever seven-year-old boy whose life is easy-going and filled with good times. But every now and then, a complicated situation crops up...

Take for example when the neighbour-girl Kaisa starts making fun of him for not being able to do flips on the trampoline. Or when the boy is left cuing alone at the grocery store while his father fetches a forgotten package of yeast and is away for a long time. Or when juicy plums are just begging to be picked from a tree in a stranger’s yard!


The Crocodile’s Tail

The crocodile has a long tail. It’s everywhere! He likes his tail, for the most part. It’s a nice thing to have and helps him a lot. Yet, sometimes the tail can cause him problems, and occasionally it’s downright annoying. The worst is when someone accidentally steps on it. The crocodile isn’t selfish or impolite. He pulls himself together and tries to be the way others want him to be – something that’s very hard to do. Too hard.

Tiiu Kitsik’s picture book teaches children how to accept yourself just the way you are.
The Holey Day
Written by Kadri Kiho
Illustrated by Mirjam Siim
Päike ja Pilv 2019, 35 pp
ISBN 9789949737604
Age: 4+

Tap, tap!

The forest is quiet and peaceful until one day, a tapping starts that just won’t seem to stop. All the forest animals set out to find who could be making such a deafening racket.

At the top of an old fir tree, they find a little woodpecker-boy. No matter how nicely the animals ask for some peace and quiet, the woodpecker keeps on pecking. Why on earth is he pecking so loud that it echoes through the whole forest? When will quiet and tranquility finally return?

Saskia Looks for Colors
Written by Liis Sein
Illustrated by Catherine Zarip
Tammerraamat 2019, 25 pp
ISBN 9789949616909
Age: 5+

The Animals Went to Town

Once upon a time, there was a group of little animals that decided to go to town. However, Andy the cat hadn’t finished drawing. The animals were so excited that they don’t notice they left Andy behind. There are so many exciting things to do in town! They can dance wild dervishes with the city dogs, ride the carousel, eat cotton candy, and listen to music. The day goes by in a flash.

That evening, the little animals gather by the fountain. Once they realize Andy hasn’t shown up, they start to worry. Where is he? Has something happened to him?
The Pärt Series
Written by Anti Saar
Illustrated by Anna Ring
Päike ja Pilv 2017–2019, 25 pp
Age: 7+

Book Reviews

Anti Saar Pärt and the Last Piece of Cake


"Growing up is a big adventure and a challenge, especially when you’re a seven-year-old boy who doesn’t quite understand how the world works yet.

For example, what are you to do when a neighbor-girl teases you or your father suddenly goes missing at the grocery store? Who owns the tasty plum that drops onto your head on the sidewalk? And what about the other plum that’s hanging on a tree in a stranger’s yard and is almost in reach? How can you get the last free piece of cake that guests brought over all for yourself?" Read more...

Review by Tiina Undrits

Andrus Kivirähk Tilda and the Dust Angel 

"For anyone expecting to find Andrus Kivirähk’s usual mischievous humor imbedded with important messages in his new children’s book, get ready to recalibrate. The work primarily concerns important values (such as caring and memory); although the author certainly hasn’t completely pushed jokes and escapades to the side. At first glance, one might assume it’s yet another book that deals with children’s worries and woes. Tilda’s father has died, her mother is burying herself in work that she doesn’t actually enjoy, and nothing can seem to ease the pain in the young widow’s heart. At the same time, Tilda’s own heartache is more because she doesn’t have a single memory of her father." Read more...

Review by Krista Kumberg

Meet our Authors

Piret Raud

Piret Raud (1971) graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts in graphic arts, and initially set off on the same path. After trying her hand at writing, Raud has since become the most renowned and widely-translated author in Estonia.

I illustrated other authors’ books for ten years, until one moment, I decided to try my own hand at writing. I took part in a children’s manuscript competition, and won. The manuscript became a book, which was unexpectedly received very well. The path towards writing opened. I truly enjoy my work. Room for goodness, for humor and happy endings can be found in children’s books. 



Illustrations in Raud's picture book The Ear

Meet our Translators

Adam Cullen

Translating children’s literature kindles a state of lightness. It is a dance in sudden spring drizzle; a gleeful dash through shifting shadows beneath a spring-green forest canopy. Children’s literature invigorates and inspires me for my work on denser prose and poetry. Above all, I enjoy writing that is rich in lively dialogue, deep (yet buoyant) in meaning, and far-reaching but still honed in terms of subject matter.

Naturally, a book’s humorous and intricate illustrations can be just as important as the writing itself, and may serve as signs that point out pathways I might otherwise have missed if I’d concentrated on the language alone. I’ve found that Estonian children’s authors and illustrators rarely make the mistake of underestimating young readers – they challenge, nurture, and prompt children to imagine and explore every magical nook of this dazzling world while assuring them they can always rely on the support of others, no matter how unexpected those sources of care may be.

Currently translating:
Oscar and the Things, Andrus Kivirähk. Emma Press 2020
Trööömmmpffff or Eli’s Voice, Piret Raud. Restless Books 2020

Rights and Translations

Recently published

Kätlin Kaldmaa It’s Damn Good to Be a Bad Girl – Latvian (liels un mazs) 
Andrus Kivirähk Lotte’s Journey South – Italian (De Bastiani) 
Kairi Look Ville the Lemur Flies the Coop – Lithuanian (BaltArt Verlag)
Eno Raud The Gothamites – English (US) (Elsewhere Editions)
Piret Raud Slightly Silly Stories – Slovenian (KUD Sodobnost International)
Piret Raud The Story of Sander, Muri, the Eensy Mum, and the Invisible Aksel – Korean (Better Books)
Piret Raud Emily and a Whole Bunch of Things – Italian (EDB Edizioni Dehoniane Bologna)
Piret Raud Me, Mum, and Our Friends of All Sorts – Polish (Finebooks)

Rights sold

Andrus Kivirähk Oskar and the Things – English (UK) (The Emma Press), Slovenian (Sodobnost International)
Andrus Kivirähk Tilda and the Dust Angel – Latvian (Zvaigzne ABC)
Andrus Kivirähk Sirli, Siim and the Secrets – French (Le Tripode)
Kairi Look Pia Biscuit Moves In – Finnish (Aviador)
Kairi Look The Airport Bugs Fight On – Latvian (Petergailis)
Eno Raud The Gothamites – Spanish (Fulgencio Pimentel)
Piret Raud The Ear – German (Midas)
Piret Raud The Story of the Little House Who Wanted to Be a Home – Lithuanian (700 eilučių)
Piret Raud Trööömmmpffff, or Eli’s Voice – English (US) (Restless Books)
Reeli Reinaus Marius, Magic, and Lisa the Werewolf – Latvian (Janis Roze)
Anti Saar The Pärt Series – Latvian (liels un mazs)
Jonas Taul A Serious Thought – English (US) (Groundwood)

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