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Solo exhibition by Anne Pikkov

On September 7th, 2022, a solo exhibition titled “A Trail of Pictures” by Anne Pikkov, who was awarded the Edgar Valter illustration prize last fall, will be opened in the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre. The exhibition will be open until October 29th, 2022.

The Edgar Valter illustration prize has been awarded since 2019 by the initiative of the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre. The winner has the opportunity to hold a solo exhibition in the illustration gallery of the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre. Last year, the prize was awarded to Anne Pikkov, whose vividly colored and unique pictures will be exhibited at the centre.

The head of the jury, Triin Soone, says that Pikkov is well versed in both manual and computer-executed illustration techniques: “Anne Pikkov creates graphics that can be both vivid or scarce in their use of color. Her pictures are chatty and nicely humorous, where detailed objects and spaces are not as important as the emotion hidden in colors and characters,” Soone added. 

The Edgar Valter Illustration Award was established by the Estonian Children’s Literature Center. The award is named after a beloved Estonian illustrator and children’s writer, Edgar Valter. It values and recognizes the work of Estonian book illustrators; celebrates and commemorates the work and legacy of Edgar Valter, and promotes and supports the development of children’s literature. The prize is awarded every other year and announced around the birthday of Edgar Valter on September 21. Previous winners include Regina Lukk Toompere (2019).

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Anne Pikkov’s illustration from the book The Potato’s Kingdom