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Videos with Estonian authors

Saturday Morning Family  Story Time in the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre will be held via video during the virus. All of our friends can meet beloved Estonian children’s writers and illustrators, look at some pictures from their books and enjoy stories that they read out loud.

New story time videos will be posted to the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre’s Facebook page and Youtube channel every Wednesday and Saturday. All the videos have English subtitles.

May 27th Story Time with Heiki Ernits

Heiki Ernits will talk about the work of an illustrator. He will also show us some pictures and read us a story from a new book that he is working on at the moment. The book is called The Adventures of a Photon and it is is written by Ilmar Tomusk ?.

May 20th Story Time with Marja-Liisa Plats

Illustrator Marja-Liisa Plats waves to us all the way from Australia. She will read some stories from the book she is currently working on and it is called The Curious Case of the Skeleton Juhan ?. The text is written by Triinu Laan and it will be published in the coming autumn. ?

May 16th Story Time with Sirly Oder

Illustrator Sirly Oder welcomes us in her studio. She will show us some pictures and talk about her regular working day as an illustrator. ? She will also read us a passage from a book she is currently working on with writer Jana Maasik.

May 13th Story Time with Kristi Kangilaski

Illustrator Kristi Kangilaski will show us her new book The Right Way ?. The book is so new that it has not reached bookstores or libraries yet. Story Time video viewers are the first ones that can hear stories from the book. Additionally, Kristi will tell us how she made the pictures for the book.

May 9th Story Time with Elina Sildre

Illustrator Elina Sildre will show us books and magazines that she has illustrated in the New Story Time video. The illustrator will also share some tricks that young artists can use to draw cute animals. ????

May 6th Story Time with Urmas Viik

Artist Urmas Viik invites us to the Muhu island for Story Time. He will show us many interesting things in the video and read a story from his book Island Angles. The book was created together with Kadri Tüür who wrote the stories.

May 2nd Story Time with Jaanus Vaiksoo

Children’s writer Jaanus Vaiksoo will read us a story from his book Six Peculiar Encounters of Mikk and Mirjam ?. The book was illustrated by Katrin Kaev. The author will also speak about the inspiration behind the stories.

April 29th Story Time with Kairi Look

Kairi Look will read three stories from her latest book Piia Biscuit and the Bandits ?. We will hear about a big surprise of the Biscuit family and get to be apart of something very curious. The book has been illustrated by the talented Ulla Saar.

April 24th Story Time with Mika Keränen

Children’s writer Mika Keränen talks a little about being a writer and reads a passage from his first children’s book The Stolen Orange Bicycle ?. The pictures were drawn by the illustrator Marja-Liisa Plats. The video will tell us who were the main character Mari and her dog Mati based on and why is it necessary to listen when you are a writer.

April 22nd - Story Time with Kätlin Vainola

New Story Time video features the children’s writer Kätlin Vainola who is also the editor in chief of the school children’s magazine Hea Laps (Good Kid). Kätlin will tell us all about the fun things written on the pages of the magazine, read us some poems, and cook us an egg dish, the recipe of which is featured in the magazine as well.

April 18th - Story Time with Kertu Sillaste

During this Story Time, illustrator Kertu Sillaste will read her book The Prettiest Skirt. The book tells the origin story of the colourful folk skirts with bright flowers from Lääne county in Estonia. ??? You can also see Kertu drawing in the video.

April 15th - Story Time with Anti Saar

This Story Time features the children’s writer Anti Saar. He will read from his newest book Anni’s Things. The book is so new that it has not even been published yet. Friends of the centre will be among the first to hear stories from the book.

April 11th - Story Time with Gerda Märtens

This Story Time will be presented by someone that comes from far far away. Illustrator Gerda Märtens reads us her new book The Northern Lights all the way from Switzerland. This is a very special book for the author because it is the first book for which she drew the pictures, as well as wrote the story.

April 8th - Story Time with Indrek Koff
This Story Time will feature writer Indrek Koff who will read us his book I Am Doing Well. The book has been illustrated by Ulla Saar.

Indrek will also introduce his newest book Flowers of Fever. This book is so new that it is not been published yet. You will learn what the book is about and can already see some pictures made by illustrator Lucija Mrzljaki.

You can support the publishing of the book in Hooandja

April 3rd - Story Time with Liis Sein
Our new Story Time videos will kick off with a video from our very own Liis Sein and her daughter Saskia. Liis will read her newest book Saskia is Looking for Colors that has been illustrated by Catherine Zarip. And Saskia will draw pictures for us.

          Thank you Tammeoks meedia!