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Artists reflect Estonian and Spanish fairy tales at the new exhibition at the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre

On May 14 at 16:30, the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre will open the joint exhibition “Reflections” by Estonian and Spanish illustrators, which is part of the Iberofest cultural festival programme. The exhibition was created in collaboration with the Spanish Embassy in Tallinn.

“This exhibition is the result of excellent and ongoing cooperation between the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre and the Spanish Embassy. Special thanks to two wonderful curators – Viive Noor and Laura Pérez Granel, who made this project possible, and to all the great artists, both Estonian and Spanish, who have created wonderful works for the exhibition,” said Spanish Ambassador Guillermo Corral van Damme.

According to Viive Noor, the art expert and curator of the Children’s Literature Centre, the idea of the exhibition is to reflect the culture of both countries through fairy tales. “There are stories that are widespread worldwide with small local variations, but there are also stories that were only told in certain regions. Estonian artists tried to find Spanish fairy tales they liked and create pictures for them, while Spanish artists did the same with Estonian fairy tales. The availability of the stories complicated the task because we had to limit ourselves to those that had been translated. We approached the topic a bit more broadly, and it was also allowed to create illustrations for author’s tales if they were similar in nature to fairy tales. Now everyone can decide for themselves whether the reflections became clear and distinct or whether they were more like distorted reflections,” noted Noor.

The exhibition features illustrations by 15 Estonian and 10 Spanish artists. Participating from Estonia are Katrin Ehrlich, Kadi Kurema, Anne Linnamägi, Regina Lukk-Toompere, Jüri Mildeberg, Piret Mildeberg, Piret Niinepuu-Kiik, Viive Noor, Catherine Zarip, Urmas Viik, Tiina Mariam Reinsalu, Anne Pikkov, Ulla Saar, Kadri Ilves, and Liis Roden. Representing Spanish artists in the exhibition are Borja González, Mayte Alvarado, Adolfo Serra, Pep Brocal, Raquel Aparicio, Miguel Monkc, Sandra Rilova, Laura Pérez Granel, Pablo Pérez Monforte, and L.C. “Bonpa”.

In addition, visitors can admire the exhibition with the same title at the fairy tale attic, which was put together by Studio 14.

The exhibitions are open until July 31 and can be visited during the centre’s opening hours: Mon-Fri 10-18, Sat 11-16, during the summer period Mon-Fri 10-17.

Illustration by Laura Pérez Granel