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A Happy Childhood

Tiia Toomet

  • Language: Estonian
  • Tänapäev
  • 2007, 240 pp
  • ISBN: 9789985624821
  • fiction, storybook
  • Age: 8+
Edited by Tiia Toomet
Designed by Ruth Huimerind and Jüri Lõun
Photography by Tiit Veermäe

The attractively produced collection contain stories and poems about children’s games and toys. A Happy Childhood deals with the Soviet period of 1940–1960, which falls within the lifetime of people who are now grandparents..  The book is copiously illustrated. The illustrations do not necessarily follow the text, but show aspects of the world in general at the time. The author made use of the collections of toys at the Tartu Toy Museum, plus illustrations from old children’s books and periodicals, old photos, postcards, bottle labels, candy wrappers, Christmas decorations, and so on. The toys are often placed in surprising contexts. The team of designers consists of Ruth Huimerind (1956), Jüri Lõun (1975), and photographer Tiit Veermäe (1950), whose special style is well known in Estonia.

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