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A Morning Concert in Bird Country

Kaja Lotman

  • Illustrator: Marju Tammik
  • Language: Estonian
  • Päike ja Pilv
  • 2018, 32 pp
  • ISBN: 9789949722433
  • fiction, storybook, picturebook
  • Age: 11+
Miia is spending the summer at her grandmother’s house nestled in Matsalu National Park, the realm of many wild birds. It’s morning, and a ray of sunlight is dancing on the tip of her nose. The girl’s eyes are still closed, but she can hear all kinds of sounds coming through the open window. There is cawing and twittering, whooping and cackling, howling and barking, bleating and mooing. The world is abuzz with fascinating creatures she would like to get to know better!

The Morning Concert in Matsalu - layout sample

A ray of sunlight tickles Mia’s nose.
„Wake up! Wake up! I’m bored,” beckons the sun.
Mia keeps her eyes closed.
But through the open window, sounds can be heard.

Right outside the window, the sounds of creaking and pattering are clear.
Rooks and jackdaws search for food under the apple tree.
Grandmother claps loudly to scare them away.

From the top of the apple tree, a yellowhammer starts her morning song.
„To Riga, to Riga, to Riga, from here we’ll see ya to Riga!”
Cranes squawk at him and geese cluck in their flocks.

A plane unexpectedly flies overhead,
And after that Mia hears the echo of howling jackals.

Grandmother hurries outside to check on the sheep.

The sound of mooing cows bursts into the room.
They, too, greet each other in the morning and call together the calves.

Gray Herons with their bent necks glide over the house.
Their chicks are waiting for their breakfasts in the nest.

In the meantime, a flock of starlings flies right to the big cherry tree.
Soon the sound of comfortable whispering is clear.
There are still many juicy cherries on the tree.

Translated by Epp Annus
2018  5 Best-Designed Estonian Children’s Books, special prize of the Jury to a newcomer for ingenious picture solutions