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A Picnic at Ristineeme

Aino Pervik

  • Illustrator: Anu Kalm
  • Tammerraamat
  • 2010, 80 pp
  • ISBN: 9789949449736
  • fiction, storybook
  • Age: 7+
“Tirilinn Tales” series tells about the lives of the children of a small seaside town. Max, Jüri, Jaap, Roosi and Reti are in the first grade of the Tirilinna school and are inseparable. The exciting events of “A Picnic at Ristineeme” begin with a picnic basket that is given to the children as a present. They decide to have the picnic at Ristineeme. It is a small peninsula on the Baltic Sea, where, centuries ago, pirates led by the local lord of the manor lured passing ships to run aground and robbed them. According to legend, the stolen treasure is hidden right here at Ristineeme. The children engage in furious battle with the pirates, fight a stray dog over the contents of the picnic basket and to top it all, find the hidden treasure of the lord of the manor - a large cauldron full of silver coins. The expected turmoil ensues - rescue services, archaeologists, tedious media attention and of course, the finder’s fee that makes the children’s secret wishes come true. “Tirilinn Tales” is for children who have just learned to read. Other books from the series: “A Garden Party at the Rose Garden”, “School Starts in Tirilinna”, “Crocodile”, “If You See a Chimney Sweep” (all 2009).
Reading sample

"How do you mean?" asked Jaap.
"Well, when somebody wants to go for a picnic, the Seahorse makes up a basket full of goodies to take along," said Roosi.
"Do they really?" asked Max. And he inquired: "What‘s in the basket?"
"Sandwiches and snacks and drinks and ..." said Roosi.
"Cake and buns. Whatever you want."
"Great!" said Jüri. And he asked: "How much does it all cost?"
"As always," said Roosi. "It depends what you order."
"All right," said Jüri.
"But here's the news," said Roosi, "Arsa will pay for us! We can get a picnic basket for free! For the five of us. If we want one, that is."
Arsa was Roosi's dad and the owner of the Seahorse Cafe.
"Do we want one?" asked Reti.
"Definitely!" they all shouted together.
"When?" asked Max.
"Whenever we want," said Roos.
"Maybe Saturday?" asked Max.
"Maybe Saturday," replied Roosi. "The day after tomorrow."

Translated by Miriam McIlfatrick-Ksenofontov
"Tirilinn Tales" series
Tammerraamat 2008-2010