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Armando and the Ovenbirds

Mika Keränen

  • Illustrator: Marja-Liisa Plats
  • Keropää
  • 2021, 94 pp
  • ISBN: 9789949986897
  • storybook
  • Age: 8+
Rights sold: Finnish

The book starts with a football game where a coach of an opposing team addresses one of his players in a demeaning way. Armando’s teammates hear that and start laughing. One bad words leads into the other and soon the swarm of inappropriate words are flying back and forth on the football field. The team’s coach won’t have any of it and comes up with a plan of how to teach the boys some manners. One morning a perfect opportunity presents itself when Armando’s team is invited to play a friendly game with a foreign team from Argentina.