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Big Toell

Andrus Kivirähk

  • Illustrator: Jüri Arrak
  • Language: Estonian
  • Varrak
  • 2014, 51 pp
  • ISBN: 9789985331040
  • fiction, storybook
  • Age: 10+
Rights sold: Latvian

Big Toell – an ancient Estonian hero – is a quiet and hard-working giant. He passes his days by doing chores on his island with his wife, Piret, and their horse, living an untroubled life. Blissful days go by as they farm the land and help their fellow Estonians. Every day when Big Toell goes home, he eats his fill of Piret’s cooking and lies down to rest for the night. But one day, the devil Vanapagan, who constantly stirs trouble, shows up on the island. When foes also invade the island, Big Toell really has his work cut out for him.

The tale of Big Toell has fascinated many an Estonian writer. Andrus Kivirähk’s version of the story is the newest and the wittiest of these efforts to recount the hero’s adventures. The book’s strong and vividly colourful illustrations are based on a 1980 animated film made by the famed Estonian painter Jüri Arrak.


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