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Carl the Wheelbarrow Boy

Kristiina Kass

  • Illustrator: Kristiina Kass
  • Tiritamm
  • 2006, 70 pp
  • ISBN: 9985552164
  • fiction, storybook
  • Age: 5+
A heart-warming and humorous tale about a poor family. Seven-year-old Carl is the only male in the house. He lives with his mother and bed-ridden grandma in a tiny hut that doesn’t even have a stove. His mother works delivering pizzas, which means that their diet consists mostly of burnt, discarded pizza. Carl drags a wheelbarrow through the village in the hope of finding scrap metal, and looks for solutions to improve the family's dire financial state.

2006 Apollo Readers’ Favourite Children’s Book
2nd edition: Tänapäev 2011, ISBN 9789949270941