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Feathered, Blower and the Black Monk

Aino Pervik

  • Illustrator: Piret Raud
  • Tänapäev
  • 2007, 352 pp
  • ISBN: 9789985625194
  • fiction, storybook, fantasy
  • Age: 10+
The main characters of Feathered, Blower and the Black Monk are four imaginary creatures: the forest-dwellers Feathered and Furry, poetry-loving Blower, and finally Little Horror – a resident of the trash pile. The evil forces are represented by a werewolf and a black monk, who is actually the spirit of the notorious Pied Piper of Hamelin.
The plot of the book is the struggle of the four characters and their friends against a ghostly monk, who tries to lure all children into a black hole, and thus banish humanity from Earth. By intimidation and promises of reward, he recruits Feathered to carry out his evil plans. The author draws attention to the brainwashing that goes on through the media, and the destructive power of the misused word.