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  • Illustrator: Kertu Sillaste
  • Koolibri
  • 2021, 24 pp
  • ISBN: 9789985046425
  • picturebook
  • Age: 4+
A girl walks in a meadow. The sun is shining and flowers nod to greet her. She hears a cry for help and starts searching for the callers. From inside the battered forest she finds all kinds of creatures great and small who need nurturing and care. The girl wants to help all of them. She fills her pockets and arms; those in need find a place on her shoulders and in her hair. Carrying the precious cargo, she finally arrives home and falls onto the lawn, exhausted. Luckily, she receives help. The joy of those she has saved brings a smile back on her face.

Kertu Sillaste's "Help" is a silent book without text.

2021 5 Best-Designed Estonian Children’s Books, Certificate of Merit