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Herta, Kick Side-Foot!

Contra, Mika Keränen

One nice summer day, Uudu the dog finds a black-and-white ball in the middle of a field. When Gramps tells him he was a goalkeeper back when he was younger, all the animals suddenly want to try their paws at football. Gramps promises a ripe watermelon to whomever manages to score against him. Uudu is the first to get behind the ball. A hedgehog peeking through the bushes advises him to kick with the inside of his foot, but the animal is so excited that he forgets. The same happens to the pig Miga and the horse Priidu, letting Grandpa block the ball every time. Then, it’s Herta’s turn. The hedgehog gives him the same advice. Does Herta has the sense to put the good tip into practice?
2024 Tartu Prize for Children's Literature (Childhood Prize), nominee