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Hi There, Letter Animals!

Markus Saksatamm

  • Illustrator: Kertu Sillaste
  • Language: Estonian
  • Koolibri
  • 2020, 32 pp
  • ISBN: 9789985044438
  • fiction, picturebook
  • Age: 4+
Have you ever stopped to think about how the word ‘dog’ is kind of like a dog and ‘giraffe’ somehow resembles a giraffe? Or maybe you’ve noticed that an owl’s eyes are just as round as an O and a swan’s neck is much like an S? When you say ‘rain’, the sound of real raindrops on branches might come to mind. Saksatamm’s first book of children’s poetry looks for connections between animals or other phenomena and the names by which we call them. These links are then inventively depicted with illustrations by Kertu Sillaste. Welcome to the world of letter animals!