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June and August. How To Lose Money?

Reeli Reinaus

  • Illustrator: Reda Tomingas
  • Ronk Ronk
  • 2023, 128 pp
  • ISBN: 9789916980552
  • storybook, fiction
  • Age: 9+
Rights sold: Latvian

One not-so-nice day, June and August get scared that they might one day become like their parents. But who’d ever want to be an archaeologist digging up old things or an ornithologist sitting around at home with a pair of binoculars all day long? So, the kids decide it’s their last chance to make their own fortune and turn their parents into people they themselves would like to become someday. As their parents’ jobs are their greatest shortcomings, the kids decide to start there. But to motivate their parents into looking for more ordinary jobs, the family’s scant savings must be spent as quickly as possible. How hard could that be?