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My Robot

Sandra Heidov

  • Illustrator: Toomas Pääsuke
  • Language: Estonian
  • Varrak
  • 2021, 64 pp
  • ISBN: 9789985351024
  • storybook
  • Age: 8+
Rights sold: Arabic

Robin has a robot that he built himself. The robot has a head, body, arms, and legs, and it now stands on Robin's desk beside the pencil holder. The robot can talk, although it messes up the order of the words in a sentence, which makes him sound like a Yoda. When Robin is scared to go into his dark room at night, the robot comforts him. When Robin stumbles while playing the piano, the robot encourages him. He gives advice on how Robin will be allowed to go along to his father’s basketball practice, and how to cheer up his ill brother. It’s great to have such a friend.
2021 Nominee of the Annual Children's Literature Award of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia