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Old Mother Kunks

Aino Pervik

  • Illustrator: Edgar Valter
  • Language: Estonian
  • Tammerraamat
  • 2011, 103 pp
  • ISBN: 9789949449965
  • fiction, storybook, fairy-tale
  • Age: 9+
Rights sold: Latvian, Azerbaijani, Finnish, German, Japanese, Russian

Amid a windswept sea stands a lone, rocky islet. Apart from the birds, it is occupied by only a single soul – Old Mother Kunks, who is a bony woman with long, tousled hair and expert knowledge of medicinal herbs and witchcraft. One stormy day, Captain Trumm washes up on the frothy shore after surviving a shipwreck. Mother Kunks’ remedies soon make the man well again. Although the two sometimes argue because they’ve been accustomed to living alone, it’s as clear as day to both of them that being together on the island is much better than being all alone.


Contents: Old Mother Kunks (1st ed 1973); Old Mother Kunks and Captain Trumm (1st ed 1975)
2000 Winner of the “Hundred of the Century” poll
1988 USSR Children’s Book Competition, 2nd place
1976 Annual Award of Children’s Literature