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Piia Biscuit and the Word-Snatcher

Kairi Look

  • Illustrator: Ulla Saar
  • Koolibri
  • 2021, 120 pp
  • ISBN: 9789985047637
  • storybook, fiction
  • Age: 7+
Rights sold: Latvian

In the third part of the beloved "Piia Biscuit" book series, Piia starts school. Right from the start it is obvious that something strange is going on in their classroom: there are purple footprints on the wall, a chocolate Easter bunny is ripped out from the calendar, and someone is murmuring from a locker! Piia and her friends set out to find out who or what has moved into their classroom.

At the same time words keep on disappearing, not only from the ABC books but from the blackboard and elsewhere as well… words like SWEETS, PUDDING, and even HAGGIS. Who’s behind the mysterious message HOTDOGSWITHKETCHUPHOLDBACKONMUSTARD and what are they on about?

Piia Biscuit and the Word-Snatcher is a modern story about living in a multilingual world, but even more about words and the love for reading.