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Rabbit Makes Soup

Aino Pervik

  • Illustrator: Kertu Sillaste
  • Language: Estonian
  • Päike ja Pilv
  • 2013, 30 pp
  • ISBN: 9789949947010
  • fiction, picturebook
  • Age: 3+
Rabbit Makes Soup is an allegorical tale about a rabbit who finds a pot and starts to whip up a soup. He already has cabbage on hand, Crayfish brings water from the river, Boar adds potatoes, Finch provides a few grains of rice, and Snail brings a strawberry. The soup is very tasty. The animals gulp down what they personally added to the soup. They all praise it, and then go back about their business. Rabbit is indeed left with just the cabbage, but he likes it a lot. It sure was a good soup!

The book is illustrated by Kertu Sillaste’s energetic mixed-media collages.