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Ruuben, Tobias and Lily

Heidi Raba

  • Illustrator: Kadi Kurema
  • Tänapäev
  • 2022, 128 pp
  • ISBN: 9789916172070
  • storybook, fiction
  • Age: 7+
In a little village, at Globeflower Street 6, lives Tobias Hackberry, a boy who loves to dash around and to sing. His favourite audience is his best friend, Lily, who happens to be a chicken. Tobias' brother, Ruben, is happiest while inventing things. Since the siblings’ parents are busy with their own work, Ruben also has to “enjoy” looking after Tobias and Lily. “Perhaps it won’t be as bad as last summer,” Ruben thinks. “Perhaps we will be able to work on my bike and explore, as Tobias is finally old enough to be allowed to leave the yard.” But will it go as smoothly as Ruben hopes?