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Shoe nr. 41

Jaanus Vaiksoo

  • Illustrator: Katrin Kaev
  • Ärkel
  • 2022, 190 pp
  • ISBN: 9789949727261
  • storybook, fiction
  • Age: 10+
Paul Fifth and his best friend Minna are on the roll again. This time they are visiting Paul “the shoeman” Bachmann and his fiancee Katja in their freshly purchased country house. As expected, there won’t be any lazy summer days in the sun on the beach. Rumours about poisoned bees are spreading and Paul and Minna dive into the investigation. They stumble upon hand-written letters from Siberia as well as a pice of plywood with “Shoe # 41” burned on it. Are those two in relation to the poisoned bees? That’s what the kids neet to shine the light on, asap.

Shoe # 41 is a third book in a sequel. First in a series, Shoe # 39, won The White Ravens award on 2020 and the Annual Children’s Literature Award of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia