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Sirli, Siim and the Secrets

Andrus Kivirähk

  • Illustrator: Ilmar Trull
  • Language: Estonian
  • Varrak
  • 2006, 192 pp
  • ISBN: 9789985312247
  • fiction, storybook
  • Age: 10+
Rights sold: French, Spanish, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Slovenian

Sirli, Siim, and the Secrets is an enchanting tale about ordinary city-dwellers whose everyday lives are brightened and enriched by dreams. Residing in a humdrum little apartment building in a quiet neighbourhood is a small family: the daughter, Sirli, who voyages to visit a sky dancer; the son, Siim, who is a wizard in a miniature world beneath his desk; the mother, who occasionally runs away to a majestic castle to be treated as royalty; and the father, who loves competing as the famous boxer “Ironfist”. The eccentric building caretaker dreams of becoming the Prince of the Waters, while only the writer, Sheep, lacks any vision at all – because of which he grows bitter and callous.

2010 Children and Young Adult Jury (Bērnu un jauniešu žūrija), Latvia, 2nd place (Grades 5–7)
1999 5 Best-Designed Estonian Children’s Books