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The Crocodile’s Tail

Tiiu Kitsik

  • Illustrator: Tiiu Kitsik
  • Language: Estonian
  • Koolibri
  • 2019, 26 pp
  • ISBN: 9789985042632
  • fiction, picturebook
  • Age: 3+
The crocodile has a long tail. It’s everywhere! He likes his tail, for the most part. It’s a nice thing to have and helps him a lot. Yet, sometimes the tail can cause him problems, and occasionally it’s downright annoying. The worst is when someone accidentally steps on it. The crocodile isn’t selfish or impolite. He pulls himself together and tries to be the way others want him to be – something that’s very hard to do. Too hard.

Tiiu Kitsik’s picture book teaches children how to accept yourself just the way you are.