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The Giraffe

Andrus Kivirähk

  • Illustrator: Heiki Ernits
  • Language: Estonian
  • Tänapäev
  • 2014, 64 pp
  • ISBN: 9789949274567
  • fiction, storybook
  • Age: 8+
Mom and Dad, who only value material things, can’t understand their daughter Kai, for whom everything that surrounds us lives and breathes. The seemingly lonely girl’s fantasy truly knows no bounds! Thus, the crane working on the neighbouring lot turns into a giraffe who sleeps and dreams about his friends in warmer lands. The girl’s stomach worm Tonis, whom her parents are trying to destroy with medicines, becomes her best friend. Tonis tells Kai all kinds of fun stories and helps her stand up to the conceited and condescending Barbie doll the girl’s parents bought to try to make her feel better.

With its somewhat grotesque topics, The Giraffe is an extremely funny book that sweeps readers into a fantastical world filled with unexpected characters.
Kaelkirjak (Giraffe), Tiritamm 1995, illustrated by Anu Kalm; Tänapäev 2000, 2007, 2008, 2014, 2016, illustrated by Heiki Ernits, 64 pp