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The Secret Code

Kadri Lepp

  • Illustrator: Kadri Ilves
  • Language: Estonian
  • Tänapäev
  • 2020, 144 pp
  • ISBN: 9789949858842
  • fiction, storybook
  • Age: 9+
Mart and Siim are best pals, no matter that one of them lives in the country and the other in the city. They can still hang out during holidays and send messages to each other when apart. Whenever one wants to tell something top secret to the other, he uses a secret code the two have come up with. One day, Mart gets a message reading “Black bird at the window,” which means he needs to get to the countryside as soon as possible. Now, all he needs to do is convince his parents to take him to Grandma’s house. Mart feels anxious until then. What happened to make his friend call for immediate help? Will Mart even be able to help at all?

The Secret Code is the third book in Lepp’s series about young Mart.