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The Spot Book

Joanna Liivak

  • Illustrator: Liisa Kruusmägi
  • Puänt
  • 2024, 32 pp
  • ISBN: 9789916992869
  • picturebook, fiction
  • Age: 5+
Sebastian is home alone for the first time ever. Well, not entirely alone: his cat Tiger is there, too. Tiger is brave and fearless and has been home alone many times before. Sebastian is afraid. What will he do all by himself? How will he pass the long hours? What if something bad happens? Feeling bored, Sebastian notices a scrap of notebook paper with an interesting spot on it. He realizes it looks just like Tiger’s pawprint! The cat jumps onto the desk to check it out as well, but accidentally knocks over a mug. What does the coffee stain look like? Maybe a fly under a microscope? And what shapes are made by the bits of thread in his mom’s sewing nook?
Joanna Liivaku raamatu, Plekiraamat, sisu