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Through the Black Hole

Tiit Kändler

  • Illustrator: Eerik Kändler
  • Otto Wilhelm
  • 2017, 160 pp
  • ISBN: 9789949979356
  • storybook, non-fiction
  • Age: 8+
This story wouldn’t have happened and this book wouldn’t have anything to talk about if Reet and Peter would have gone with the rest of their class to Disneyland in Paris. Alas, they couldn’t go.

Who would have thought that there is even a greater adventure waiting for them at home?

Scientists still can't define the Black Hole, nor how does it feel to experience it and how to get out of there once you have managed to get in. It is speculated that multiple universes exist next to each other and that they are connected to each other through worm holes. Reet and Peter’s friend Outisde Lad thinks that he has managed to find one such wormhole. Before going to that adventure the kids have to learn and understand what is their own universe like...

Just as expected the science writer Tiit Kändler’s story is not just any adventure story. The book encourages kids to wonder about the world and everything in it. The readers, be they big or small, come across the latest discoveries of the science world while listening to Outside Lad’s funny philosophical tales.
2017 5 Best Designed Estonian Children’s Books, Certificate of Merit