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Reeli Reinaus

  • Language: Estonian
  • Ronk Ronk
  • 2020, 320 pp
  • ISBN: 9789916402764
  • fiction, young adult novel, fantasy
  • Age: 13+
Teenage twins Stiina and Silver move into an old country mansion along with their work-addicted mother and computer-obsessed brother Rasmus. At first, everything seems fine in spite of the numerous local legends about mysterious deaths and ghosts haunting their house. The twins’ classmates are nice and they have no difficulties making friends. But then, a girl named Rahel returns to school after vacationing in Peru. Everyone either fears or adores her. Silver and Stiina start having bizarre nightmares and can’t shake the feeling of being watched. Are these events all tied together, or are their young minds just playing tricks on them?

Redesigned reprint. 1st ed.: Tänapäev, 2011
2011 Youth Novel Competition, 3rd place
1st ed.: Tänapäev, 2011