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Under the Sign of the Rose

Reeli Reinaus

  • Language: Estonian
  • Varrak
  • 2019, 376 pp
  • ISBN: 9789985347096
  • fiction, young adult novel, fantasy
  • Age: 16+
A young man named Johan disappears on the island of Hiiumaa. His girlfriend Ingel is understandably distraught. The police can’t locate a body, nor even any clues to pursue. Ingel and her friend Saara decide to investigate the case themselves. As they do, they meet Miikael from the mainland (who is tormented by nightmares) and a mysterious girl trying to help him named Vika (who claims to be a psychic). At first, it appears the girls might be able to help their new acquaintances, but then they notice the boy wears a ring with a rose symbol identical to one Johan had. Even so, Miikael claims to have never met their missing friend. Things turn even more bizarre when the girls notice the local pastor wearing a rose ring as well. Who could be behind Johan’s disappearance and what’s the story behind these rings? The clues lead to an ancient curse…
2019 Good Young Adult Book