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Aidi Vallik


Aidi Vallik (1971) is a children’s author, columnist and screenwriter. She graduated from the University of Tartu in Estonian philology and has written over twenty books for children and young adults, children’s plays, TV series, and scripts for children’s films. Her trilogy of young-adult novels about a girl named Ann (2001–2007) received several awards in Estonia and abroad, and has been translated into Finnish, Latvian, and Lithuanian. Vallik has a sharp eye for contemporary social issues as well as the sensitivity and warmth needed to address them in a manner suitable for children.

Profile photo: Esta Metsik (Elva Foto)


A Lullaby Book

Illustrator: Lumimari
2020, 48 pp
ISBN: 9789916951910
fiction, poetry, picturebook

Soapy’s World

Illustrator: Lumimari
2019, 48 pp
ISBN: 9789949949878
fiction, storybook

What Now, Ann?

2002, 134 pp
ISBN: 9985620569
fiction, young adult novel

Kaip laikaisi, Ana?

Original title: How Are You, Ann?
Language: Lithuanian
Translator: Viltarė Mickevičienė (Urbaitė)
Gimtasis Žodis
2005, 174 pp
ISBN: 9955160373
fiction, young adult novel

Ko darīt, Anna?

Original title: What Now, Ann?
Language: Latvian
Translator: Maima Grīnberga
Zvaigzne ABC
2006, 159 pp
ISBN: 9789984369594
fiction, young adult novel
Good Children's Book (Tädi Klaara maja)


The White Ravens (Soapy's World)

Karl Eduard Sööt Children’s Poetry Award, Readers Choice (Kust said?)

Karl Eduard Sööt Children’s Poetry Award (Imelised inimesed)

J. Oro Prize for Children’s Literature
Raisin of the Year Award (Mannikese lugu)

Nukits Competition, 2nd place (Pints ja Tutsik I)
Karl Eduard Sööt Children’s Poetry Award (Mina, kana, lehm ja kratt)
Good Children's Book (Mannikese lugu)

Jānis Baltvilks Prize (Jāņa Baltvilka balva), Latvia (How Are You, Ann? and What Now, Ann?)

Latvian Children's, Young Adults' and Parents Jury (Bērnu, jauniešu un vecāku žūrija), 1st place, (What Now, Ann?)

Knee-High Book Competition (Mannikese lugu)

Latvian Children's and Young Adults' Jury (Bērnu un jauniešu žūrija), 1st place (age 15+), (How Are You, Ann?)

Nukits Competition, 2nd place (How Are You, Ann?)

Youth Novel Competition, 1st place (How Are You, Ann?)