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Exhibition by artist Paco Roca opened at the Children’s Literature Centre

From 6th to 30th of June, the children’s literature centre hosts an illustration exhibition by the well-known Spanish comics artist Paco Roca.

„Paco Roca is a well-known and recognized artist not only in Spain, but in the entire Spanish-speaking world and beyond. In the case of comic books, it is an exceptionally labor-intensive undertaking that also requires excellent drawing skills, with which Roca really stands out. His drawings range from urban themes to nature and aviation. Roca’s creations are enjoyable and engaging,“ said Viive Noor, art expert and exhibition curator of the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre.

Paco Roca (1969) studied at the School of Art and Design in Valencia and works mainly in the field of comics art. Roca’s comics have been translated into many languages. As an illustrator, he has contributed to the newspapers El País, Il Corriere Della Sera, etc., as well as to the NGOs Greenpeace, Doctors Without Borders, Red Cross, etc.

Roca has received numerous recognitions for his work, including the Spanish National Comics Award and the Spanish Government’s Gold Medal of Fine Arts, the Eisner Award for Best Translated Comics from the US at the San Diego Comic-Con, the Award for Best Comics from the French newspaper Le Parisien, the Lucca Comics Award from Italy Yellow Kid for Best Author of the Year and Japan Media Art Festival Comics Excellence Award.

At the exhibition, you can see a selection of his illustrations, some of which were created for Guillermo Corral Van Damme’s graphic novel Black Swan Treasure, which was recently published in Estonian by the publishing house Varrak.

The exhibition can be visited until 30th of June during the centre’s opening hours.

Illustration of David Bowie by Paco Roca