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Bence Patat

Bence Patat (1975) has an MA in Scandinavian Studies and in Finnish Studies and translates mainly from Nordic languages and Estonian into Hungarian. His list of literary translations includes novels, short stories and plays both for adults and for children.

I am passionate about languages and communicating between different peoples and cultures. Already as a young adult, I felt an inexplicable attraction towards Northern Europe and have enjoyed working with these countries and languages ever since. Estonia is especially close to my heart as I consider it being at the crossroads between Eastern Europe and Scandinavia, creating a fascinating mixture, which is in a way exotic and at the same time so familiar to me.

I am really proud and honoured to be one of those few who can present Estonian works to Hungarian readers in their mother tongue. As translators from Estonian we do more than merely translate texts. We also need to act as ambassadors of Estonian literature. Many publishers rely on advice given by us on works written in Estonian as we have more in-depth knowledge of both Estonia and the language. I consider this role at least as important as translating itself.

Nominee for the Best Translation of Children’s Literature
For Anti Saar's The Way Things Are With Us
Anti Saar. Pärt in a Pickle


Tóbiás és a 2/b

Original title: Tobias, Second Grade
Language: Hungarian
Illustrator: Hillar Mets
Translator: Bence Patat
Pongrác Kiadó
2014, 112 pp
ISBN: 9786155131653
fiction, storybook

Így mennek nálunk a dolgok

Language: Hungarian
Illustrator: Alvar Jaakson
Translator: Bence Patat
Cser Kiadó
2018, 136 pp
ISBN: 9789632785523
fiction, storybook

Mart a pácban

Original title: Pärt in a Pickle
Language: Hungarian
Illustrator: Anna Ring
Translator: Bence Patat
Cser Kiadó
2024, 96 pp
ISBN: 978­963­278­748­0
storybook, fiction