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Cornelius Hasselblatt

Cornelius Theodor Hasselblatt (1960) is a German specialist in Finno-Ugric studies, translator of Estonian literature, and Estophile living in the Netherlands. He studied history, literature, and Finno-Ugric languages and culture in Hamburg and Helsinki (1980-1986) and defended his doctoral degree in 1990. From 1998-2014, Hasselblatt was a professor of Finno-Ugric languages and culture at the University of Groningen. He holds an honorary doctorate from the University of Tartu and is a foreign member of the Estonian Academy of Sciences.

The (frequent) strength of Estonian children’s literature is that it surprises with its unconventionality.

The Award of the Estonian Cultural Endowment’s Literature Foundation (outside the genres)
For "Geschichte der estnischen Literatur"
Maarjamaa Risti III klassi teenetemärk
Estonian Cultural Endowment’s Annual Translation Award
For Emil Tode's "Grensgebied" together with Marianne Vogel
Estonian Cultural Endowment's Annual Translation Award
For Mati Unt's "Reden und Schweigen"

Der Schiet und das Frühjahr

Original title: Poo and Spring
Language: German
Illustrator: Meike Teichmann
Translator: Cornelius Hasselblatt
2015, 80 pp
ISBN: 9783944445083
fiction, storybook

Frösche küssen

Original title: A Frog Kiss
Language: German
Illustrator: Anne Pikkov
Translator: Cornelius Hasselblatt
2015, 37 pp
ISBN: 9783944445151
fiction, storybook