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Exhibition of the Belarusian printmakers

An exhibition of Belarusian printmakers opened in the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre on March 10th, 2020. Among others, the works of the well-known artist Roman Sustov will be exhibited in the centre. 

The exhibition brings works of five printmakers form the younger generation of Belarusian artists to Estonia for the first time. It features prints from Roman Sustov, Fedor Shurmelev, Andrei Yaroshevich, Marina Zhvirblia, and Liudmila Novakovskaya. They mostly use etching, lithography, and linocut techniques.

The art expert of the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre, Viive Noor, says that this is an extraordinary exhibition unlike any other in Estonia. She wishes to continue cooperating with the artists in the future to bring their work to the local audience. “It is one of those exhibition you simply must see!” Noor particularly highlights the works of two artists. According to her, Roman Sustov does not need any introduction in the art circle. “That name is well known among people that appreciate classical printmaking with high quality.” Andrei Yaroshevich may not be as well known but he is nevertheless an extremely powerful and interesting creator. “Both of them rely on the classics but are very modern in their approach and in now way stuck in the past. The intensity of their work, their vigorous expression, and imagination are fascinating,” adds Noor.

The curator of the exhibition is Liudmila Novakovskaya.

The exhibition is open until March 25th.

More information:
Viive Noor
5557 9930

Illustration Fedor Shurmelev