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Estonian children’s books were selected for “The White Ravens” catalog

The 75th Frankfurt Book Fair, starting on October 18, will feature the presentation of the catalog “The White Ravens 2023” by the International Youth Library in Munich. Two Estonian children’s books were chosen for this year’s digital edition: Kadri Kiho’s “Endel ja Kati” (illustrated by Stella Salumaa, Päike ja Pilv 2022) and Liis Sein’s “Mona isepäine isa” (illustrated by Ulla Saar, Pegasus 2022).

The International Youth Library in Munich selects the best children’s books worldwide for “The White Ravens” catalog. This year’s catalog includes a selection of 200 notable children’s and young adult books published in 37 languages from 57 countries. The catalog provides information about new literature for both publishers and librarians, helping books to gain international exposure and sell translation rights. These books will be presented not only in Frankfurt but also in spring at the world’s largest children’s book fair in Bologna.

“Endel ja Kati” (Endel and Kati) is a story about friendship and caring. Above all, it is a tale of the courage within us, often unnoticed. Bus driver Endel finds a great deal of courage on the day, when his friend Kati loses her voice. The idea for the book won first place in the 2021 Knee-High Book Contest and received the Cultural Endowment of Estonia’s Children’s Literature Award last year.

“Mona isepäine isa” (Mona’s Dad has quirky ideas) tells the story of an ordinary family – Mona, her mother, and father. One day, the father decides to radically change his life, thinking that otherwise, he won’t have memories to reminisce about in old age or stories to tell to future generations. Mom and Mona have their hands full keeping up with the stubborn father. The book was nominated for the Cultural Endowment of Estonia’s Literature Annual Award in the children’s literature category in 2022.

Frankfurt Book Fair is the world’s largest, attracting nearly 300,000 visitors from over 100 countries each year. It is a significant event for publishers, agents, and literature enthusiasts worldwide, providing an opportunity to explore new literature and buy and sell publishing rights. The fair runs until October 22, and Slovenia is the featured guest this time.

For more information:
Ulla Saar
Head of International Relations, Estonian Children’s Literature Centre
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