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Exhibition “From Book to Cuddle”

Until May 10th 2024, visitors can see the exhibition “From Book to Cuddle” by Tartu Toy Museum in the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre attic.

The Estonian Children’s Literature Centre has made a wonderful selection of Estonian original and translated books that every toddler should read with their parents before going to school. All recommended books were carefully read at the Tartu Toy Museum, and it turned out that some book characters exist in the form of toys. At the exhibition, you can admire such book characters turned into toy heroes. Who knows, maybe some of the little visitors to the exhibition have at home a cuddly Lotte, Pippi Longstocking, or Moomintroll from the book, with whom they can comfortably and safely listen to bedtime stories.

The toys displayed at the exhibition are from the collections of the Tartu Toy Museum, and the books are from the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre.

The exhibition can be visited during the centre’s opening hours: Mon-Fri 10-18, Sat 11-16.