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Exhibition of Estonian Illustrators in Matera, Italy

exhibition-of-estonian-illustrators-in-matera-italyThe exhibition of Estonian children’s books “Once Upon A Time…”, which has been moving around in Italy since May 2015 has reached the city of Matera, which is the European Capital of Culture 2019.

In Matera the exhibition will be shown in Casa Cava from the 6th until the 17th November. The exhibition is organised by the Estonian Children`s Literature Centre and by the Society of Estonians in Italy (Itaalia Eesti Selts) and financed by the Estonian Ministry of Culture and the Estonian Graphic Designers Association.

Additional information: Viive Noor, Estonian Children`s Literature Centre, (+372) 55 579 930
Ülle Toode, Society of Estonians in Italy, (+39) 33 512 685 74