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The Edgar Valter Gallery

The Edgar Valter Gallery presents original works and stories by one of Estonia’s most beloved illustrators and writers. The gallery was created after Valter’s death, when the centre inherited the artist’s original works to preserve them and promote his work.

Edgar Valter lived from 1929 to 2006. He illustrated about 250 books in his lifetime. The majority of them were books for children, among them masterpieces of Estonian literature for children, like Three Jolly Fellows and Raggie by Eno Raud, Krõll-Book by Ellen Niit, Nublu by Jaan Rannap, etc. In 1994, Valter’s first self-written and -illustrated book for children “Pokuraamat” (The Pokubook) was published. „Pokus“ are still beloved characters today. In southern Estonia  „Pokuland“ welcomes visitors to learn more about Valter’s work and experience the southern Estonian nature that Valter loved the most.

Although Edgar Valter didn’t get art education, he learned to draw by himself, he is one of the most appreciated Estonian illustrators. He won many awards, books with his illustrations have been published in about twenty foreign languages.

In this gallery, our aim has been to create the atmosphere of the nature-loving Valter. Visitors can admire Edgar Valter’s original works, listen to the sounds of the nature in the woodhut, watch cartoons with his illustrations and guess, which story his illustrations come from.

*Visiting the premises of the centre may be restricted due to events.
For more information, call 617 7236.