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Ilmar Tomusk


Ilmar Tomusk (1964) is a civil servant and children’s writer. He graduated from the Tallinn Pedagogical Institute in Estonian language and literature education, and currently works as Chief Director of the Estonian Language Inspectorate. Tomusk has written more than 30 children’s books. His humorous stories, which alternate between elements of realism and fantasy, tell of clever, busy children’s everyday activities and adventures. Testament to his popularity among young readers are his three Nukits Awards in addition to several other reader’s-choice prizes.

Profile photo: Dmitri Kotjuh



Illustrator: Anu Kalm
2024, 48 pp
ISBN: 9789916681701
fiction, storybook, picturebook

The Door

Illustrator: Priit Rea
2023, 112 pp
ISBN: 9789916681602
fiction, fantasy, storybook

Digi-Crazy School

Illustrator: Hillar Mets
2015, 176 pp
ISBN: 9789949565054
fiction, storybook

Datordullā skola

Original title: Digi-Crazy School
Language: Latvian
Illustrator: Hillar Mets
Translator: Daila Ozola
Zvaigzne ABC
2021, 160 pp
ISBN: 9789934095658
storybook, fiction

Привет, Волли!

Illustrator: Kirke Kangro
Translator: Maia Melts
2012, 128 pp
ISBN: 9789949933426
fiction, storybook
Nukits competition, 2nd place (Precious Cat)

Good Children’s Book (The Door)
The "Järje Hoidja" Award of the Tallinn Central Library (Mathematical Friend)
Tartu Prize for Children's Literature (Childhood Prize),  (Julius, what did you in the summer?)

The "Järje Hoidja" Award of the Tallinn Central Library (Precious Cat)

Nukits Competition, 3rd/4th place (The Detectives of Sunnywood Retirement Home)

Raisin of the Year Award (Unrelated Relations)
Good Children’s Book (Unrelated Relations)


Nukits Competition, 1st place (Adventures of an Amateur Time Traveler, Adventures in a Parallel World)
Good Children’s Book (Wolf’s Friends)


Nukits Competition, 1st place (The Criminal Summer Break, The Criminal Road-Trippers, The Criminal Bank President)

“Järje Hoidja” Award of the Tallinn Central Library (The Criminal Bank President: The Forensics Kids are Back)


Nukits Competition, 1st place (The Forensics Kids of Class 3A, The Criminal Hot-Dog Pastries, The Criminal School-Pops)


“Järje Hoidja” Award of the Tallinn Central Library (The Forensics Kids of Class 3A)
Good Children’s Book (The Forensics Kids of Class 3A)


Annual Children’s Literature Award of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia (Volli's Old Tricks)
Good Children’s Book (Volli's Old Tricks)


Republic of Estonia Order of the White Star, V Class
Katrin Hiietam