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The magazine Nukits

Nukits is a magazine founded in 1995 by the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre. It focuses on articles concerning Estonian and foreign children’s literature. Pieces on children’s book illustration, libraries’ services for children as well as topics concerning children’s reading are also thematised. The publication is meant for researchers, librarians, instructors, university students and other children’s literature enthusiasts. The 52-page long magazine is published annually in November.

Until 2004, the publication carried the subtitle Lastekirjanduse ja lastekultuuri almanahh (An Almanac of Children’s Literature and Children’s Culture), in 2005 it was changed to Lastekirjanduse almanahh (An Almanac of Children’s Literature). Since 2011 the subtitle has been Lastekirjanduse ajakiri (A Children’s Literature Magazine).

The publication is supported by the Estonian Ministry of Culture and the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

ISSN 1406-4170

Jaanika Palm (since 2021), Ülle Väljataga (since 1995), Anu Kehman (1999-2021), Leida Olszak (1999-2008), Andres Jaaksoo (1995–1998) and Mari-Liis Runnel (2012)

Katrin Kaev (since 2019), Vivika Kalt (1999–2018), Aari Paju (1995–1996), Andres Jaaksoo (1995–1998), Ülle Väljataga (1997–1998).