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Estonian Children’s Books Chosen for The White Ravens Catalogue

The books include Marius, Magic, and Lisa the Werefolf by Reeli Reinaus (Päike ja Pilv, 2017) and Mr. Nightingale From Nightjar Street by Ellen Niit (Tammerraamat 2017).

The White Ravens Catalogue is put together annually by the International Youth Library in Munich, Germany. It consists of newly published books that deserve worldwide attention due to their universal themes and/or their exceptional and often innovative artistic and literary style and design. The catalogue is presented every year at the Book Fair in Frankfurt and at the International Children’s Book Fair in Bologna the following year.

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Mr. Nightingale From Nightjar Street
Written by Ellen Niit
Illustrated by Priit Pärn
Tammerraamat 2017, 47 pp
ISBN 9789949565863
Age: 6+

Mr. Nightingale loves doing everything a little differently than other adults do. He dresses differently, takes baths differently, and eats apples and ice cream in unusual ways. More than anything else, Mr. Nightingale enjoys riding his scooter and climbing trees in the park. He doesn’t like night work very much, but he just grits his beak and bears it. Mr. Nightingale has a great friend, whom he can rely on in hard times and is always up for an adventure: Marcus Stampfoot won’t turn down an invitation to go to the theatre or the beach, or to watch interesting shows on the TV set named Brighteye. The two friends things together just the way they like!

The stories in Mr. Nightingale from Nightjar Street were originally published in the children’s magazine Täheke starting in 1974, and have also appeared in various collections. The 2017 work illustrated by Priit Pärn is the first time they have been published together.

2018 The White Ravens
2017 Good children’s book
2017  5 Best Designed Estonian Children’s Books, Certificate of Merit

Marius, Magic, and Lisa the Werewolf
Written by Reeli Reinaus
Illustrated by Marja-Liisa Plats
Päike ja Pilv 2017, 224 pp
ISBN 9789949986255
Age: 10+

Twelve-year-old Marius and his older brother Martin recently moved to the countryside with their parents. Martin, who is very sociable, has already found a lot of friends, but Marius just can’t seem to fit in. Yet when the boy meets Lisa, a loner, at school, the adventures begin with no further ado. Before long, the boy’s previous understandings of reality and the fantasy world acquire a new, fascinating dimension.

2018 The White Ravens
2017 Good Children’s Book
2017 25 Best Designed Estonian Books, special prize of the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre