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Glenda Sburelin’s Exhibition at the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre

Until July 13, 2018, visitors to the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre’s Illustration Gallery are able to enjoy the works of Glenda Sburelin: one of Italy’s most renowned book artists, who also happens to be one of the world’s best illustrators.

Sburelin (1972) rose to fame not only because she has illustrated close to 40 books published in several different countries and has had works displayed in the most prominent international illustration exhibitions, but also due to the fact that she persistently ties the art of illustration to other art forms, thereby expanding its borders. Having studied photography and graphic art, Sburelin often blends photos and various graphic techniques into her illustrations. She works with a wide range of materials and tools ranging from coloured pencils to collage. Sburelin’s style is truly “mixed media”, in which all possibilities the artist can fathom are implemented. A perpetual experimenter and seeker of new opportunities, she always finds a way to surprise the viewer.

Only a cross-section of Sburelin’s works is displayed in the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre. The selection is furthermore taken solely from her illustrations, while all her fragile works (ceramics and other pieces) have been omitted for the sake of space and coherency. The artist’s photography and other hard-to-define creative experiments have also been left out on this occasion. Even so, the exhibition is a definite must-see for all book- and illustration enthusiasts.