Hüppa põhisisu juurde

Kairi Look at the Helsinki and Turku Book Fairs

Aviador Publishing will release the Finnish translation of the book Piia Biscuit Moves In in September 2019. The author Kairi Look will present the book during Helsinki and Turku Book Fairs. 

She will perform on October 6th at 11.00 and 11.40 at the The Turku Book Fair.

On October 26th at 18.00 she will take the stage at the Helsinki Book Fair. The author and the kids from the audience will all become spies to find the friends of Piia Biscuit.

Additionally, Look will present the book at the Helsinki St Martin’s Day Fair on November 24th.

Last year Look’s book The Airport Bugs Fight On was also published in Finnish by Aviador Publishing.

Photo: Dmitri Kotjuh