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Piret Raud at the London Book Fair on Wednesday, 15th March 2017


Story and Illustration: How To Create Unique Children’s Books

Time: Wednesday, 15th March, 11:30am
Children’s Hub in London Book Fair

Although children’s books usually take shape through a collaboration between a writer and an illustrator, there are also books written and illustrated by the same person: a ‘writer-illustrator’. What are the challenges for this kind of creative process? What does the book gain from it? What issues arise for a foreign publisher when acquiring the rights for this kind of a book? Writer-illustrators from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – the Baltic countries’ top names in the children’s literature scene – will discuss their experiences.

From Estonia, Piret Raud will join the seminar. She is the country’s most-translated children’s author, who began her writing career as an illustrator. Lithuania’s famous illustrator and writer Kęstutis Kasparavičius, whose work has been translated into 26 languages worldwide, will share his insights as well. They will be joined by Latvian illustrator and Art Academy of Latvia lecturer Rūta Briede, who is also the creator of the Bikibuks children’s book series.

The discussion will be moderated by Pam Dix, chair of IBBY UK.