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Solo Exhibitions of Kaie Kal and Sveta Aleksejeva

Kaie Kal. "Õitsemise aeg"

The Estonian Children’s Literature Centre presents two new solo exhibitions: the Illustration gallery features Kaie Kal’s „Storyteller Comes to Visit” and the Staircase gallery exhibits Sveta Aleksejeva’s „Spiritual Life of the Castles. Episodes”.

Kaie Kal (1972) is a theatre artist and painter. Her current exhibition presents Kal’s lyrical paintings, which are inspired by fairytales, including Epp Petrone’s Fairy-tales about Love, Hans Christian Andersen’s Nightingale and the French fairytale Beauty and the Beast. Kal has also illustrated children’s books and songbooks.

Illustrator and puppet artist Sveta Aleksejeva (1968) takes us on philosophical paths with her works, depicting the inner life of castles or even the lives of soul castles. Calligraphic text is intertwined with pictures, forming a new whole.

The exhibitions are open until 26th August, 2016.

Additional information:
Viive Noor, Estonian Children`s Literature Centre, (+372) 55 579 930