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The 3rd Tallinn Illustrations Triennial „The Power of Pictures”

On 3 November at 17.00, the 3rd Tallinn Illustrations Triennial „The Power of Pictures” will be open in the National Library of Estonia.

The international exhibition will display over 300 original illustrations and books. The patron of the Triennial is Mrs Evelin Ilves who will be present at the opening ceremony.

The participants of the Triennial are the acknowledged book artists from the Baltic Sea countries – Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Russia, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. The authors are selected by the Book Artists Union, the Section of the International Board on Books for Young People or the curator of the Triennial of a relevant state. Five authors are invited from each participating country. As an organising country, Estonia is represented by twenty authors. The international jury will choose the winner of grand prix and the receivers of ten equal diplomas whose names will be announced at the opening of the exhibition.

On 3 November at 14.00, in the framework of the Illustrations Triennial in the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre (Pikk St 73), the personal exhibition of the winner of the previous grand prix, the Danish artist Lilian Brøgger, and at 15.30, in the Finnish Institute (Pikk St 1), the personal exhibition of a member of the jury of the named Triennial, the Finnish artist Hannu Taina, will be open.

The size of the exhibition organised by the Estonian Graphic Designers Association, the National Library of Estonia and the Estonian Section of the International Board on Books for Young People has grown since the first Triennial. In 2003, the main exhibition was confined to the Galleries of the National Library. In 2006, personal exhibitions of the winner of the first grand prix and of a member of the jury were added. Every year the catalogue of exhibition entries is issued.

The original illustrations of the participating authors may be seen at the homepage of the Triennial: www.nlib.ee/99724.

The exhibition will be open till 30 November. Welcome to the exhibition!

Additional information:

Viive Noor (Estonian Graphic Designers Association), tel 5557 9930, viivenoor@gmail.com

Katrin Männi (Head of the Exhibition Department, National Library of Estonia), tel 5680 7150, 630 7150, katrin.manni@nlib.ee

Õnne Mets
Head of the Public Relations, National Library of Estonia, tel 630 7260