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The Exhibition “The Century” by Catherine Zarip and Anne Linnamägi

Linnamagi-14-UnerongFrom 30th August until 27th September 2016, the joint exhibition of two well-known illustrators – Catherine Zarip and Anne Linnamägi – is open in the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre.

Catherine Zarip and Anne Linnamägi are of the same age, celebrating their 50th jubilee this year. They both share the birth year 1966 and studied at the Estonian Academy of Arts, from which they both graduated in 1995. Anne Linnamägi studied graphics while Catherine Zarip studied ceramics. A common phase in their lives is long-term work for the publishing house Avita, Catherine Zarip mostly as a master artist and Anne Linnamägi as a designer and artist. This is why a string of Avita’s textbooks and workbooks contain their creations.

From textbooks, Zarip and Linnamägi found their way to illustrating children’s books. If, in the early years, the artists’ style was rather similar, they have both found their signature style over the years. Catherine Zarip’s works have become more laconic and decorative, Anne Linnamägi’s pictures charm with their soft colouring and gentle mood. However, the works of both are characterised by the warmth and cuteness emanating from their pictures.

The title of the exhibition, “The Century”, was created by adding the jubilees of both artists.