Hüppa põhisisu juurde

The Year of Children’s and Youth Culture 2017


The year 2017 will be celebrated in Estonia as the Year of Children’s and Youth Culture. This gives us an opportunity to value our offspring both as creators and as an audience, link various fields of culture and compile a myriad of events for both children and adults. The Year of Children’s and Youth Culture was organised as an initiative of the Ministry of Culture and its implementation is coordinated by the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre.

The new year will be exciting for both young kids and those a bit older. This year’s theme is “Me too!” and the keywords independence and collaboration address adults as well, inviting them to contemplate and appreciate children and young people as both creators and as an audience. Supporting and encouraging children helps us ensure a continuous and abundant cultural life for the coming generations.

The programme consists of a wide variety of activities. Major events include the Youth Song and Dance Celebration “I Will Stay” and the experience tour “Children’s Republic”, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia. In addition, smaller communal activities will be organised.

See also: Theme year’s website and Facebook page.
Source: Ministry of Culture

Additional information: Marju Kask, Project Manager, 5228659, marju@elk.ee