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Viive Noor at the Rabka International Festival of Children’s Literature

Estonian illustrator Viie Noor curated the illustration exhibition of the Rabka Festival of Children’s Literature that took place in the City of Rabka in Poland on July 9th–12th, 2019. Noor also conducted workshops and participated in a panel discussion regarding reading.

The festival opened on July 10th with the illustration exhibition “From the Mountains to the Sea”. On the 11th of July, Noor conducted the workshop “Summer in the Garden” and during the following day she participated in the panel discussion “How to read with kids and adults?” with Carola Gaede (International Youth Library, Munich) and Anna Janus-Sitarz (University of Jagiełło, Cracovie).

The festival dedicated to children’s literature took place in Rabka, Poland. Families had the opportunity to spend quality time in Rabka and learn about many art forms. The festival guests included noteworthy creators from Rabka and the rest of the world who came to meet their readers and form contacts for future collaboration purposes. This year’s guests that inspire kids to read included creators from Poland, Estonia, Germany, Sweden and Italy. Kids, as well as adults found fun activities from the festival programme.

The festival does not treat children as passive observers, but encourages them to create art in several workshops. The topic of this year’s festival “From the Mountains to the Sea” concentrated on books that touch upon the ways to protect the nature that surrounds us.